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Easily sync files of any size or type across multiple
PCs and Macs; seamlessly share files with friends
and associates.

Version: 1.0.1
(Released on 09-15-2011 )

Version: 1.0.1
(Released on 09-20-2011)

IDriveSync - Fast Online Sync and Share with better Security

IDriveSync - Sync Files

Sync Files

IDriveSync syncs files online across multiple PCs and Macs. On installing and logging into the application, it opens up a 'Sync' area where you can add the files you wish to sync.

Once you have new data into your Sync area, your Sync data starts getting transferred online, or 'Syncs-Up'. This essentially serves as an online backup of your data.

Now, if you simply install and login on multiple PCs / Macs using same authentication, the synced data is 'Synced-Down' onto those multiple computers.

Anytime you make a change to synced data anywhere on those multiple computers, all the computers will shortly reflect the modified data.

You can Sync up to 5 computers. More

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Share files / folders

IDriveSync does easy sharing. Login to your IDriveSync account, select the desired files / folders and click on the 'Share' option to generate a share link. Email the link to your associates by providing valid email address(es) or import contacts from your address book.

To view the files / folders shared with you, click on the share link received via email. Login to your IDriveSync account. In case you do not have an account, sign up for a new IDriveSync online account. You can also download the shared files. More

Note: The Share option is available only for IDriveSync accounts with default encryption.

Share Files

Access via Web

Access via Web

Access, search and share synced files available in your IDriveSync account directly via the web. View your images in the form of an image gallery. Manage account settings and check the activity report of your account. More

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Access via mobile

Take over all the files in your IDriveSync account on your iPhone / iPad / Android mobile. Search and view synced files, share them with associates, upload photos / videos from gallery. More



Your data is encrypted during sync and also on storage at our world class data centers with a private key option. We use the same secure methods as banks and the military to send and store your data. More

IDriveSync - Secure

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, Windows 2008 Server, Windows Home Server, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Microsoft Windows 2000 (Service pack 4), Windows XP Home/Professional (Administrator privileges to install and use the application)
  • 512 MB RAM, 10 MB free hard disk space for installed program, 20 MB or more recommended for local caching
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or greater, 500MHz Intel processor, 256 MB RAM

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