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Sync files / folders automatically from anywhere on your computer;
subsequent changes made to the file / folder
will get synced automatically.

Right-click on the desired file / folder and select IDriveSync > Add and update to IDriveSync on change option. The selected files / folders will be updated automatically on subsequent changes as they happen elsewhere on your computer. Select a folder from anywhere on your computer, for example 'Pictures' folder, to sync across computers.

Alternatively, right-click on the IDriveSync tray menu and select IDriveSync Advanced option. In the IDriveSync Advanced interface, click Add and update to IDriveSync on change button to select files / folders that you wish to sync across computers.

The Pictures will be synced in original resolution almost immediately on camera uploads. If you share this folder or any sub-folder within Pictures, the share recipients would see the data in original resolution as well. Any subsequent changes made will get synced automatically.


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